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Siam City Project of Holcim Tailand Has Connected to Power Grid and Generated Power


At 14:50, July 19, 2010, as the start-up button for power system connection was pressed on, the two generator units of Thailand Siam City WHPG Project constructed by Sinoma-EC successfully connected to the power grid and achieved the milestone of power generation. At this very moment, a new period was initiated for the international waste heat power generation field that successfully equipped the world's largest cement production line with the first WHPG system.

Thailand Siam City Cement Corporation is a subsidiary of the world's leading cement group HOLCIM. Sinoma-EC undertakes the EPC contract of building WHPG system for two 10000 t / d cement production line, which is HOLCIM Group’s first cement plant to invest in WHPG system in one of its global factories. The total duration of the contract is 20 calendar months, with a total installed capacity of 32MW. All contents of the Contract was formed on the basis of the terms from the internationally used FIDIC Clauses, while other relevant technical standards also requires advanced and high level of automation. Management of this Project fully adopted the European model, namely: safety first, focusing on planning, focusing on results, fine and meticulous process. HOLCIM Group headquarter attaches great importance to this project, and specially dispatches two senior experts Bill Orr and Guy Mead to be acting consultant and security director respectively to monitor the project.

  To achieve the contractual goal, facing with the owner’s a strict process control requirements, Sinoma-EC plays their integrated advantages to full: either from the project planning, technology program demonstration, to basic design confirmation, construction drawing review, equipment supply supervision, sea port clearance and land transportation, or on-site subcontractor selection, safety management processes, quality control on civil construction and installation and the commissioning and start-up of entire generator unit, Sinoma-EC can satisfy the owner’s need in all angles, and has demonstrated excellent capabilities while learning from others the advanced management concepts and methods. The successful power system connection is just another achievement for Sinoma-EC in serving the world-class high-end customers, and it marks the acceptance of Sinoma-EC’s energy conservation technology by the developed countries, as well as the successful integration of Sinoma-EC’s project management mode with international conventions.

During the execution of the project, the company's leadership and support of various departments has been received, Zhang Qi, chairman of board of directors, He Xinping, General Manager and other company leaders has paid visits to the site and provided guidance to relevant works; all staffs of the project, led by project manager Hou Yueguang, aiming at the owner’s strict management and process control, has worked with Chinese and Thailand subcontractors to overcome all the difficulties with their diligence and hard work, wisdom and sweat to fulfill their strong commitment to the owner and the loyalty to the company. Many staffs have stayed at site on a very long term, and they still kept working even when they were ill. This year was quite special , for the political turmoil in Thailand kept escalating, but in this critical moment, Vice President Wei Wenhua went to the site to command all the works; facing with the volatile emotions of the Chinese and Thailand workers, the disruption of material supply, as well as the complex situation that were affecting project implementation, he made a comprehensive co-ordinate arrangements for the works in post-installation and commissioning phase. It is this hard work of all project staffs from top to down that ensures the normal and efficient operation at the project site.

As said in a Chinese ancient poem, ”Sharp Edge of a Sword Comes out from Grinding, and Plum Blossom's Fragrance Comes from the Bitter Cold”; while the successful connection of the WHPG system to the power grid is realized by the concerted effort of all the team members in Siam City Project that came from China, Thailand and Europe. At that very moment of power generation, many staffs of project department shed tears. They had enough reason to be excited and to be proud of it! Sinoma-EC staffs demonstrated themselves once again with practical actions, received respect and praise from partners, also put the company’s business purposes of "Energy Conservation, Value Creation, Waste Reduction, Human Fortune" to full practice. As President of HOLCIM Group Asia Mr. Paul Hugentobler said in his congratulatory letter, "I would like to thank this team, for they have done a great job, it will not only bring huge economic benefits to HOLCIM, but also mean more outstanding contributions will be made to reduce CO2 emissions."

It is reported that when the Siam City WHPG project has been completed, it will make use of the waste heat to generate power of 240 million KWh each year, reducing CO2 emissions of about 100,000 tons, equivalent to saving 40,000 tons of standard coal. The implementation of the project will not only reduce production costs, but also make new contributions to the cause of energy conservation.

Recently, HOLCIM Vietnam and HOLCIM India has sent experts to this site for communication and study, therefore, we believe that Sinoma-EC's cooperation with HOLCIM will go further.