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Lafarge Dujianyan Project Constructed by Sinome-EC Received FAC Certificate


Recently, the first-staged 9MW WHPG EPC Project of Dujiangyan Lafarge Cement Co., Ltd, constructed by Sinoma-EC, has received final acceptance certificate (FAC) as scheduled. This indicates that, after a year of commercial operation within the contract warranty period, all responsibilities and obligations of Sinoma-EC for the waste heat power plant under the contract have been completed and accepted by the Client. This is another significant achievement with Lafarge after receiving the first FAC certificate from Lafarge for waste heat power plant (Chongqing Lafarge) constructed Sinoma-EC.

Lafarge is Sinoma-EC’s first world-class high-end customer since its establishment; the implementation of the Dujiangyan Project is a challenging task. To achieve the contract goal, and facing the owners’ strict process control requirements, Sinoma-EC plays its integrated strengths to full: whether it is project execution planning, technology program demonstration and basic design confirmation, equipment supply and supervision, or on-site subcontractors selection, security management processes, civil construction, installation progress, quality control and the system commissioning and start-up of entire generator unit, Sinoma-EC can satisfy the owner’s need in all angles, and has demonstrated excellent project management capabilities and leading edge technology, meanwhile Sinoma-EC also focuses on learning advanced management concepts and methods from the owner.

After experiencing severe test of heavy rain and snow disaster and Wenchuang Earthquake, Sinoma-EC still takes practical action to fulfill their commitment of being a responsible company to the Lafarge Owner. In particular, during the special period of power system connection, Lafarge Group organizes over 100 project managers and safety directors from their global factories to visit the waste heat power station, participate in discussions and exchanges, which greatly enhance Sinoma-EC’s brand effect and influence. The project is also awarded "Value the Contract & Keep the Word" medal by Lafarge, Site Manager Liu Xiao is also awarded the title of honorary staff.

After several rounds of cooperation, Sinoma-EC has won the respect of the owner; while the owner’s expected investment has been achieved, and arenas of cooperation with Lafarge has also expanded. It is known that currently the Philippines Lafarge have generated power and entered PAT assessment period, while Sancha Lafarge, three cement lines in Dujiangyan Lafarge, Yongchuan Lafarge are incorporated into the intense commissioning phase, and commencement of Diwei Lafarge has been started.