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Lafarge Asian Regional Project Manager Inspected and Observed Low Temperature WHPG Project Constructed by Sinoma-EC in Diwei, Chongqing


Between 19th and 20th of April, 2011, President of Lafarge DEC (Asia Technical Service Center) Henri, Security Director of Asian Region Jean Logrado, Malaysia's Security Director Jonathan and 30 other project representatives from all places of China participated in the Lafarge Asia-Safety Observation Seminar held in Diwei Project site. After two days of inspection, observation and discussion, participants fully endorsed the Sinoma-ec’s work on safety management and environmental protection, but higher demands were also made to Sinoma-ec for focusing on details. Sinoma-ec took full use of this opportunity to improve and enhance safety management works in all project sites, and has made a progress in safety, environmental protection as well as occupational health.

Since its inception, under the right leadership of company leaders, and with the attention of leaders at all levels, Chongqing Diwei project has demonstrated a solid and fruitful beginning and a steady progress, which provides a strong guarantee for the project construction, environmental protection and civilized production.

In this high-end market like Lafarge, safety and environmental management requirements are very strict. After the commencement of Chongqing Diwei project, according to the actual construction, project department has developed a comprehensive environmental and safety management system, and has been insisting in carrying out full environmental protection and safety education, which consequently ensured construction progress and protected the rights of employees. In order to ensure project quality, the project department set up a professional team of 80 personnel in accordance with requirements of international safety management, and this integrated international safety management experience has been running through the actual work. After training, communication, learning and observation, personnel of construction management and project management team have their concepts changed, which used to be "required to be safe”, but now is "I want safety," as a result, an atmosphere of everyone is concerned about the safety and quality is created. Meanwhile, a morning safe meeting system has been established, before starting works of a day, a short period of time would be devoted to arranging safety works during the construction, and ensure that there are safety plans, and are going to be implemented.

During the construction process, the project department adheres to inspection patrolling, once unsafe factors were found, corrective measures would be proposed in time to avoid such hazards. They monitor safety at construction site around the clock; set up warning signs at the construction site; built the lounge for workers of all construction areas; establish fence in multiple locations of the construction site; examine a variety of mobilized equipment to ensure its safe operation; and require that all workers must undergo safety training, and special operators must hold a certificate for employment, and dangerous work in high places must be equipped with double hooks a five-point seat belts with buffer packets; they also emphasize that safety regulations and operation procedures shall be strictly followed for works like: hot works, lifting operations, electrical works, excavation works, operations at height, confined space operations, transportation, etc. Six months have passed; the project management has conducted a number of training for occupational health, safety, environmental protection for mobilized workers, and these workers were required to truly follow the rule of “safety first, prevention first, people-oriented, enjoy life”.