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Good News from Turkish Site: Install Turbine in Advance


At 15:00, May 23rd, 2011, Sinoma-ec’s site team buckled the cover of steam turbine for CNK WHPG Project; this project belongs to AKCANSA Cement Plant, a subsidiary of Germany Heidelberg Group. The success in such a stage signals the incoming stage of power system connection and power generation. CNK project is our company or even China’s first WHPG Project in Turkey, therefore, the completion of the steam turbine installation has far-reaching significance.

All personnel of the project led by Sinoma-ec’s CNK Project Manager Wu Sujun, and together with AKCANSA Acting Manager MR. Mert and subcontractor’s project manager Mr. Mehmet and their employees, witnessed the accomplishment of this important milestone. In order to meet the owner's requirements on generating power in advance, steam turbine Specialist Mr. Yue Yuanfeng repeatedly refined turbine installing procedures and discussed much with sub-contractor about the rigor and logic of construction program, and the feasibility of shortening the duration of the already limited time. Although the sub-contractor was not familiar with installation process of Chinese-made turbine, yet after Yue Yuanfeng’s guidance and joint efforts, especially with the spirit of site staff to carry forward the "special ability to endure hardship, to fight, and to dedicate” and the spirit of the high enthusiasm, positive attitude, rigorous and meticulous work style, they complete the turbine installation tasks nearly a month ahead of schedule, thereby gained valuable time for the next stage and created favorable conditions for power generation.