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Good News Keep Pouring in from across the Ocean, Flags of Energy Conservation Flutter in the Breeze

--Sinoma-ec’s CNK Project Successfully Connected to the Power Grid and Generated Power

At 13:55, July 8th, 2011, Turkish time, the 15MW WHPG Project constructed by Sinome-EC for AKCANSA Cement Plant in Turkey successfully impulse the turbine, and later at 10:25, July 9th, 2011, the WHPG system smoothly connected to the power grid and generated power. However, the most inspiring thing was that the agreed deadline for power system connection and power generation was July 26th, 2011, but under the great support of the company leader and personnel of all departments, and with the leadership of Project Manger Mr. Wu Sujun, all personnel at site and the commissioning team lead by Wang Xiaojian successfully impulse the turbine and generated power 3 weeks in advance, through their joint efforts to carry forward the hard work and dedication. It is known that, when the WHPG system starts to work, the cement plant can save energy for about 105 million kWh per year, annual savings of standard coal to be 36,000 tons, and reduction of carbon dioxide emission to be 60,000 tons. At the very moment of successful power system connection, the roaring sound of the turbine was overwhelmed by the thunderous applause; all personnel at site shed fevered tears and forgot the tiredness of last 60 hours’ hard work, and the bright smile on their faces represented the bliss in their inner hearts. This very moment of success belong to us, every member of CNK Project and all staff in Sinoma-EC.

Akcansa Cement Group, as a joint venture by Heidelberg and local reputed consortium Sabanci Holdings, is Turkey's largest cement manufacturer with a leading position in the industry. The CNK Project constructed by Sinoma-ec is first springboard for entering the Turkish energy conservation market, the first paradigm showing the advance of Chinese energy saving technology into the European market, and another successful case of Chinese complete equipment being brought to the European market. The accomplishment of power system connection of the WHPG system is inevitably going to bring focus from within the industry, and its positive impact on the market expansion is self-evident.