Sinoma EC is involved in a wide range of power generation and has a complete industrial chain and core technology of independent intellectual property rights, not only having outstanding achievements in cement, glass, steel, ferrosilicon and industrial silicon, carbon, heat recovery coking and coke dry quenching, chemical industry and other industrial areas of waste heat and pressure power generation projects, but also having gradually formed industrialization in solid waste treatment, distributed energy and low-grade heat sources, ORC, industrial heat source heat pumps and other low-grade heat source markets. It is a full-service company with early start, large scale, high performance and strong strength in the waste heat power generation field in China.

Engineering general contracting (EPC)
Sinoma EC is based on providing a “package” solution for industrial enterprises, especially high energy-consumption enterprises, and has the qualifications and capabilities to undertake the general contracting business of power generation projects at home and abroad. The Company has put into operation nearly 100 general contracted power generation projects.

Engineering design and complete sets of equipment (design + procurement) (E+EP)
Sinoma EC provides the owner with engineering design and complete sets of equipment services, and provides consulting services to the owners during the construction, installation and commissioning phases. The Company has completed nearly 200 projects in engineering design and complete sets of equipment supply.
Sinoma EC's engineering design and complete sets of equipment services ensure the continuity of engineering construction design and procurement, and reduce the dead zones of responsibility, thus ensuring the realization of the overall objectives of the project.

Technological upgrading
Sinoma EC has continuously promoted innovation in the power generation industry, using mature technology transformation experience to upgrade the original waste heat power generation project and create greater value.

After-sales and operation services
Sinoma EC owns professional technical team having rich experiences in project after-sales service and professional execution team having rich project operation management experiences, which can provide production and operation contracting services for various power stations, and have been throughout the years providing at home and abroad such as India, Thailand, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sudan and other countries and regions with spare parts, maintenance of important parts, overhaul of power stations and operation services, and have won the positive affirmation from domestic and foreign clients with excellent quality and good after-sales service.