Sinoma Building Energy Conservation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sinoma BEC”) under holding of Sinoma EC is the only international type in China that has a series of core technologies and complete innovation systems in the field of non-metallic materials including building energy-saving materials. The company has strong professional design strength and possesses Class A qualification for architectural design. It provides full services such as financial docking, investment services, technical confrontation, policy support, market orders, etc. to passive house and low energy building products companies and assembly-type construction enterprises through the creation of Sinoma Building Energy Conservation Industrial Park.

In May 2016, Sinoma BEC and Hangzhou Jinglan Hotel Investment Management Co., Ltd. jointly invested and built the Jinglan Yuhuang Mountain House Passive Hotel, which is the only passive house hotel in China that is also the only one passive housing project reformed from the ancient architecture in China.