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Watching and helping, Sinoma EC is actively helping overseas fight against "NCP Epidemic"

PublishDate:2020-03-20 Source:

"We are the waves of the same sea, the leaves of the same tree, the flowers of the same garden." On March 20, box by box of epidemic prevention material carrying with deep blessings and firm support to foreign friends of Sinoma EC were sent out to each of its customers overseas.

At present, the epidemic situation of Novel Corona-virus Pneumonia is spreading in many places around the world, and the number of confirmed diagnoses is rising, which has become a huge challenge facing all humankind. China’s General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "Humanity is a community of shared destiny. The international community must build a sense of community of common destiny, watch and help each other, and work together to address risks and challenges and build a beautiful home for the planet." At the same time as actively resuming work and production, Sinoma EC is always concerned about the changes in overseas epidemics, and is concerned about customers and partners in more than 20 countries around the world. The epidemic recognizes no borders, and we have the same fate in the global village.

Recently, Mr.Zhang Qi, Chairman of Sinoma EC, wrote a letter to overseas customers to inquire about their situation and sent Sinoma EC’s blessings, and decided to donate 25,000 anti-epidemic medical protective masks to these customers in a humanitarian spirit, hoping that this can provide the overseas customers with a little help to the best of their ability and overcome the difficulties.

After receiving the letter from Mr. Zhang Qi, the overseas customers expressed their gratitude. The Italian partner mentioned in the thank-you note, "The masks provided by Sinoma EC are extremely precious at the moment when it is almost impossible to find a mask in North of Italy. It made us feel the cooperation of people around the world and enabled us to overcome difficulties and move our society forward. The client of Malaysia said in a thank-you letter, “The Covid-19 virus recognizes no borders and is the common enemy of mankind. We are happy that China has set a working model of success and is now on the path of economic recovery and more importantly China is now supporting us by providing the essential supplies. "...

The outbreak of disaster is ruthless, whereas people are affectionate. Mr. Zhang Qi said that during this special period, Sinoma EC must keep in mind the corporate tenet of "Energy conservation and emission reduction for the benefit of mankind", and do our best to help overseas partners to watch and fight the epidemic, which reflects the mission of the central enterprise and its international responsibility.