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China Resources Anshun WHR project is connected to the grid for power generation as scheduled

PublishDate:2020-04-14 Source:

Recently, the WHR power generation project of China Resources Cement (Anshun) Co., Ltd. contracted by Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd., has been successfully connected to the grid for power generation, marking that the project has officially entered the performance test stage.

This project is to build a WHR system for the clinker cement production line of China Resources Cement (Anshun) Co., Ltd. The construction of the WHR project and the cement production line are carried out at the same time, and the construction site is narrow and crowded, so the project construction operation often has problems such as cross-operation surfaces. Coupled with the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, it also added difficulties to the project department. Faced with the grim situation, the project department strictly followed the company's unified deployment, combating the epidemic situation, stabilizing production, rationally arranging and carefully organizing the resumption of the project, strictly implementing various epidemic prevention policies, carrying out daily personal protection and site disinfection, and organizing personnel to conduct inspections, quarantine, preparation of epidemic prevention materials, etc. At the same time, under the premise of ensuring the safety of the people entering the site, scientifically arrange the overtime work, with considerations on the anxiety of the owner and the thought of the owner, and fought to get back the time affected by the epidemic situation, finally ensured that the project was connected to the grid for power generation as scheduled.

The diligent dedication and high standard technical level of Sinoma EC have been highly praised by the owners and all parties. The project's grid-connection and power generation on schedule not only realizes the recycling of energy, achieves the goals of energy saving and emission reduction, provides green energy, but also fully demonstrates the professional and high efficiency of Sinoma EC in the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, having laid a solid foundation for the long-term cooperation with the owner.