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Party Secretary &Chairman of CNBM, Zhou Yuxian and His Entourage VisitingSinoma-EC for Investigation and Guidance

PublishDate:2021-07-21 Source:综合管理部

  On July 20th, Zhou Yuxian,Party Secretary &Chairman of CNBM, and his entourage visited Sinoma-EC for investigation and guidance. Accompanied by Wei Rushan, Party Standing Committee Member, ViceGeneral Manager and General Manager of Strategic Development Department of CMBM, the Chairman Zhou has toured and investigated the Sinoma-EC’s innovative multi-functional building onYanji Road, the industrial energy-saving R & D testing center, the office area in BeichenPlaza, the labor model innovation studio and so on



        The Sinoma-EC’s Party Secretary, Chairman and President, Ma Mingliang, made a comprehensive report in terms of the company’s basic situation, opportunities & advantages (like science and technology innovation, talent development, energy conservation & environmental protection business, clean energy engineering, building energy-saving material industry, new equipment manufacturing industry, financial innovation and Party construction work), measures taken to address challenges and the “14th Five-Year” development plans.

  Chairman Zhou made positive comments on the measures taken by Sinoma-EC in implementing the national “Carbon Peak and Neutrality” strategy, the group’s “4335” guiding principle as well as the development strategy. In addition, he gave important instructionsaiming at the development concepts and focuses in next stage:Firstly, it is significant to solidly promote the implementation of the“14thFive-Year” strategy. We should resolve the “Five-Year” strategic plan into annual targets and link the completion of annual targetswith the overall assessment indicators of the management team as well as its individual assessment indicators to make sure that the strategy can be successfully and steadily put into effect at all levels.

  Secondly, we ought to focus on our three main industries——Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Engineering, Building Energy-saving Materials and Equipment Manufacturing,giving full play to the industrial superiorities. While perfecting the industrial layout and concentrating on making the main industries stronger, better and bigger with relatively short time, we also should actively devote ourselves to the group’s development and energy conservation as well as emission reduction.

  Thirdly, we should attach great importance and spare no efforts to strengthen scientific &technological innovation, and break through as well asmaster crucial core technologies as soon as possible for providingthe high-quality development of main industrieswith support. At the same time,on the basis of fully absorbing the innovative experience in business model such as “Cement +” (based on the cement industry, seeking cooperation between the cement industry and other industries), “Wo Zhao Che” APP (a kind of logistics ) and industry fund, it is necessary toseek innovation like in management and business so as to lead high-quality development. Fourthly, promoting the advancement of main industries must make full use of the platform role oflisted companies and the advantages ofTianjin in financial factoring and leasing as well as utilizecapital market instruments and the group’s new material industry fund. Fifthly, we should improve our political consciousness, fulfilling the responsibilities as aChinese central state-owned enterprise, and pay attention to external publicity for forginga good corporate image and enhancingour influence.


the Party Secretary & Chairman, Zhou Yuxian is guiding the work.


  Before the conference, there was an interview among Zhou Yuxian, Feng Weihua (PartySecretary ofBeichenDistrict, Tianjin), Li Hongdong(Standing CommitteeMember and Office Director of BeichenDistrict) and Zhang Bingzhu (Vice District Mayor of BeichenDisctrict), during which the two sides had warm and friendly talks.

  On behalf of BeichenDistrict committee and government, Secretary Feng extended a warm welcome to Chairman Zhou and hisentourage, and comprehensively introduced the industrial status, regional advantages anddevelopment potential of BeichenDistrict.Chairman Zhoushowed his appreciation toBeichen District for its long-term support to the subsidiaries of CNBM in Beichen District. Besides, hemade an overall introduction of CNBM and the development of its subsidiaries in Beichen District and required those subsidiaries to play the leading role to make more contributions to the economic and social development of Beichen District. After the meeting, leaders of both sides visited the calcium silicate board exhibition.



Meeting Attendees:

  1. Liu Yan

  Vice President of China National Building Material Company Ltd.

  Party Secretary & Board Chairman of Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd.

  1. Yin Zhisong

  Deputy Party Secretary & President of Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd.

  1. Guo Zhengyong

  General Manager of Sinoma Mining Construction Co., Ltd.

  1. Liu Fengshan

   Party Secretary & Vice Board Chairman of Sinoma Mining Construction Co.Ltd

  1. He Xiaolong

  Vice President of Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd.

  Executive Director a& General Manager of Tianjin Cement Industry Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. 

  1. Chen Zengfu

  Party Secretary of Tianjin Cement Industry Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. 

  1. Miao Xiaoling

  Minister of the Organization Department of CNBM Party Committee

  1. Ren Zhixiao

  Director of theScience and Technology Management Department of CNBM

  1. Huang Zhendong

  Director of the Reform Office of CNBM

  1. Si Yanjie

  Vice General Manager of Strategic and Development Department of CNBM

  1. QiuAiping

  Business Manager of Board of Directors Office of CNBM

  1. Yuan Chao

  Party Secretary & Director of Office of the President of Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd.