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Sinoma-EC Signed a Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with Wuhan University of Technology

PublishDate:2021-08-22 Source:


  On the afternoon of August 21, at the signing ceremony held in the conference center of the East Campus of Wuhan University of Technology, Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sinoma-EC”) and Wuhan University of Technology reached a framework agreement on comprehensive cooperation. There was a talk between Ma Mingliang, Party Secretary, Chairman & President of Sinoma-EC and Xin Sijin, Party Secretary of Wuhan University of Technology with regard to further deepening the breadth and depth of school-enterprise cooperation and achieving a higher level of win-win cooperation. It is Wei Wenhua, Vice President of Sinoma-EC and Wang Fazhou, Vice President of Wuhan University of Technology who signed the comprehensive cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides. The other attendees included the General Manager Yang Shunde and Party Secretary Bai Ning from Wuhan Building Material Industry Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. (the subsidiary of Sinoma-EC and hereafter called Wuhan Building Material Institute), Wu Chaozhong, Vice President of Wuhan University of Technology and so on.



  The President Xin Sijin extended his warm welcome to the arrival of Chairman Ma Mingliang and his entourage and introduced the college’s development process as well as excellent achievements in terms of talent team construction, scientific & technological innovation, social & international influence and other respects. He said that Wuhan University of Technology, as a key university directly under the Ministry of Education and one of the first-batch universities brought into national “211 Project” and “Double First-class Construction”, has all along adhered to the concept of “serving industry based on industry”. At the early stage of establishment, Wuhan University of Technology has set up a Council with the purpose of serving the building materials industry. It firmly and always implemented the scientific research idea——'enterprise as the entity, market as the orientation”, giving full play to the talent and R & D advantages of colleges and universities in the process of deepening school-enterprise cooperation.



  Chairman Ma Mingliang reckoned that in China’s building materials industry, Wuhan University of Technology is the top one, which has a good foundation for long-term cooperation with China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter called CNBM). As a listed company affiliated to CNBM, Sinoma-EC specializes in energy conservation & environmental protection industry and always positively strives to make its three main industries——energy-saving and environmental protection engineering, building energy-saving materials and equipment manufacturing——stronger, better and larger. For the “14th Five-Year” strategic development direction of Sinoma-EC highly accords with Wuhan University of Technology and there is a broad cooperation space between Wuhan University of Technology and Wuhan Building Material Institute which is Sinoma-EC’s important scientific research institutes in Wuhan in many fields, it is expected that the both sides can create all-round high-quality strategic cooperation helping the development of China’s building materials industry together on the basis of innovating the school-enterprise cooperation mode, practicing the national “Carbon Peak and Neutrality” policy, and jointly deepening scientific & technological achievements and industrial cooperation.



  During the meeting, Chairman Ma Mingliang and his entourage visited the State Key Laboratory of silicate building materials in Wuhan University of Technology. At the meeting, Bai Ning, Party Secretary of Wuhan Building Material Institute and Wang Fazhou, Vice President of Wuhan University of Technology, made detailed presentations on school-enterprise cooperation projects and scientific research.



  Participants of the Above Activities:

  1. Shen Gewu  Director of Party and Government Office in Wuhan University of Technology

  2. Hu Jian  Director of Science & Technology Cooperation and Achievement Transformation Center

  3. Sun Huajun  Vice Director of the State Key Laboratory of Silicate Building Materials

  4. Hu Xi  Standing Vice Manager of Wuhan Building Material Institute

  5. Wu Weiping  Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Building Material Institute

  6. Liu Linjie  Deputy Director of Technology R & D Department of Wuhan Building Material Institute