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Sinoma-EC convening the "First half of 2021 Working Conference"

PublishDate:2021-07-24 Source:

On July 23rd, Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd.(hereafter called Sinoma-EC or the company) convened “the First Half of 2021 Working Conference”, which was presided over by Ma Mingliang, Party Secretary, Chairman and President of Sinoma-EC.



In the half past of 2021, under the guidance of Xi Jingping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the company seriously learned and implemented the decisions & arrangements of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council as well as the requirement of SASAC, and deeply carried out the group’s “14th Five-Year” Development Strategy as well as the “4335” reform guidelines, seizing the opportunities and taking advantage of the momentum. Consequently, the objectives in the first half of the year have been overfulfilled, which was the best level in the past decade and achieved a good start of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Chairman Ma fully affirmed the achievements of the company in his speech, which, he said, were mainly reflected in the following four aspects. Firstly, a plenty of efforts have been put into the production and operation work so that an excellent performance has been manifested in the operation work and the struggling objectives have been achieved reaching the best level in the past decade.Secondly, it is about the main responsibility and business.Energy conservation and environmental protection engineering, clean energy engineering, building energy-saving materials industry and new equipment industry, namely “new engineering, new materials and new equipment”, have been officially approved by the group Party committee, which has determined the direction and expanded the space for the long-term stable growth of the company.



Chairman Ma conveyed the spirit that Zhou Yuxian, Party Secretary & Chairman of the group, delivered when he visited the company for research and guidance. He pointed out that the directives from Chairman Zhou defined the working directions for the company. We should carefully study and carry out them in the light of reality to ensure its implementation.

For the work in the second half of the year, he put forward seven requirements to managers at all levels: first, it is a must to pay attention to contracts. The main principals of each subsidiary should keep an eye on the market striving to sign contracts with higher profit; Second, it is a must to focus on innovation. Serious attention should be given to the market changes and innovation on science & technology, management model and business model for implementing precision marketing and grasping the initiative of the future market; Third, it is a must to lay stress on management. Strengthening the combat effectiveness and cohesiveness of the company is of great importance; Fourth, it is a must to value reform, making full use of the incentive mechanism to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees; Fifth, it is a must to enhance working efficiency, going ahead of the working schedule and being a responsible, honest and trustworthy entrepreneur; Sixth, it is a must to strengthen Party construction and publicity, and think highly of inspection and rectification; Seventh, it is a must to attach great importance to safety, environmental protection and epidemic prevention to ensure a constant attention without slackness.

At the meeting, Liu Xide, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of the company, summarized the Party construction and organizational personnel work in the first half of the year and arranged and deployed the work in the second half of the year. Yang Deguang, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the company, summed up the discipline inspection work in the first half of the year and deployed the next-step work. Sinoma-EC(Wuhan) Co., Ltd., Sinoma-EC Central Research Institute and the Party & Masses Department of the company made exchange speeches.

The company’s leading group, middle-level cadres and main principals of subsidiaries in Tianjin attended the meeting at the main venue of the headquarters, and the leading group of subsidiaries outside Tianjin attended the meeting in the form of video.