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Chu Zhihua, Vice Director of Jining High-Tech Zone Management Committee and His Entourages Visiting Sinoma-EC for Cooperation and Exchange

PublishDate:2021-09-08 Source:能源环保分公司

  On September 7th, Chu Zhihua, Vice director of the Management Committee of Shandong Jining National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as “Jining High-Tech Zone”), and his three entourages visited Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sinoma-EC”). The two sides held discussions and exchanges on cooperation in many fields. Ma Mingliang, Party Secretary, Chairman and President of Sinoma-EC, warmly received Chu Zhihua and his entourages.



  Not only was Chu Zhihua grateful for the warm reception of Sinoma-EC, but also gave a highly appreciation to the development results and future planning of Sinoma-EC. Besides, he introduced the basic situation and development prospect of Jining High-Tech Zone and expressed that the development idea of Jining High-Tech Zone is highly in accordance withthe green development concept of Sinoma-EC. It is hope to take the opportunity of project cooperation with Sinoma-EC to advance the economic development in Jining High-Tech Zone and perfect the regional green industry chain.


  Ma Mingliang introduced that Sinoma-EC, as a listed company affiliated to CNBM undertaking energy conservation and environmental protection industry, has gradually grown into the main force in energy conservation and emission reduction high-tech industry in China building materials and even the whole industry under the promotion of the national “Carbon Peak and Neutrality” policy, and presented the current development of Sinoma-EC related businesses in Jining City and other places in Shandong Province. Subsequently, Ge Liwu, Vice President of Sinoma-EC, detailed the achievements and development prospects of Sinoma-EC in scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection engineering, building energy-saving materials, equipment manufacturing, etc., as well as the cooperation and development of Sinoma-EC Energy Resources & Environmental Protection Branch in the industry.


 This exchange furtherly solidates the cooperation base between the two sides on the fields like energy conservation & environmental protection, clean energy supply and energy-saving new materials, jointly promoting the implementation of “photovoltaic + energy storage” projects and geothermal energy utilization projects within the High-tech Zone as soon as possible and contributing to the advancement of national energy conservation & emission reduction together.


Meeting Participants

Wang Xiangdong  Chairman of Shandong Ruicheng Aerospace Carbon Material Co., Ltd.

Zhao Honggang  Deputy Technical Director of Shandong Ruicheng Aerospace Carbon Material Co., Ltd.

Ren Tiantian  Director of Personnel of Shandong Ruicheng Aerospace Carbon Material Co., Ltd.

Ji Minhai  General Manager of Sinoma-EC International Investment Ltd.

Gu Fenggang  Executive Deputy General Manager of CNBM New Material Equipment & Technology Ltd.

He Dahai  General Manager Assistant of Sinoma-EC Energy Resources & Environmental Protection Branch

Zhao Hongzeng  Director of Comprehensive Management Department of Sinoma-EC Energy Resources & Environmental Protection Branch