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Lin Jiang, Deputy County Magistrate of Luxi County, and His Entourage visiting Sinoma-EC

PublishDate:2021-09-08 Source:投资与发展部

       On the morning of September 7th, Ma Mingliang, Party Secretary, Chairman & President of Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd. (hereafter called Sinoma-EC) warmly received Lin Jiang, Deputy County Magistrate of Luxi County, and his entourage in Tianjin where there was a talk between both sides in terms of the future cooperation.



  To the beginning, Deputy County Magistrate Lin Jiang showed his sincere thanks to Chairman Ma Mingliang for his warm reception and highly appreciated Sinoma-EC’s achievements and performance in enabling green development in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection in recent years. Then, he detailed the economic development of Luxi County, the capital of electricporcelain in China. He said that Luxi County has broad development prospects for its convenient transportation and abundant resources. Recently, Luxi County is following the general ideas of constructing a powerful, creative, beautiful, happy and upright Luxi County to spare no efforts to promote transformation and upgrading. It is hope that Luxi County can carry out in-depth cooperation with Sinoma-EC to achieve green development.


  Chairman Ma Mingliang expressed his warm welcome to the visit of Deputy County Magistrate Lin Jiang and his entourage. He said that as a subsidiary of CNBM, which specializes in energy conservation and emission reduction, Sinoma-EC has unswervingly implemented the national strategy all along. Around the objective of “Carbon Peak and Neutrality” and the development idea that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets,Sinoma-EC actively plans the layout of the company’s business and gradually increases its capability in innovation and R&D. Consequently, in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction, it has become the leading enterprise in China's building materials industry and even the whole industry.




  The both sides expressed the hope to make full use of the regional advantages of Luxi County as well as the technological advantages of Sinoma-EC in the future for implementing further cooperation and realizing mutual benefit and win-win result in terms of the upgrading and innovation in the green and low-carbon technology and clean energy engineering like sludge treatment and the promotion and utility of energy-saving new materials.


       Meeting Participants:

Ouyang Fengbo  Party Secretary of Luxi Town, Luxi County

Chen Liangfeng  Vice Mayor of Luxi Town, Luxi County

Liu ChunleiDeputy Commissioner of Electric Porcelain Industry Management Bureau, Luxi County

Zhang Xuchang  Party Secretary of SinomaJiangxiInsulator and ElectricsCo., Ltd.

Zhang Jinlong  Chairman of Anhui Ruitai New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Tang Rong  Sales Manager of Anhui Ruitai New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Liu Xide  Deputy Party Secretary & Vice Chairman of Sinoma-EC

Huang Jianfeng Vice President, Secretary of the Board of Directors & General Counselof Sinoma-EC

Cheng Lixia Deputy Director of Investment & Development Department